articulating boom lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Adept at providing both diesel and electrically driven variants, articulating Boom Lifts by ElectroMech Infrastructure Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is designed with outstanding features like superior flexibility and competent multi-stage folding boom. With extraordinary articulation and rotation capabilities, our access platforms can outmaneuver any hindrances such that it can function at any elevated points, eliminating the need of repositioning the base.

Manufactured to provide broad operating range, the lifts are designed with extraordinary efficiency, and enhanced load capacity. The transforming technical innovations have strengthened the boom lift with world-class safety, reliability, endurance, and operability.

Our all-encompassing Articulating Boom Lifts come with a diverse range of application for varied industrial sectors. It caters to construction and maintenance of various plants and venues, engineering sectors, large-scale warehousing, aviation, aerospace, airports, harbors, urban infrastructure, multi-level gardening, curtain wall engineering and countless more sectors.

Load Bearing

227kg to 250kg

Working Height

15.7m to 26.6m


30%, 40%, 45%

Product Features

Smart Serviceability
Highly Efficient & Productive
Easy Maneuverability
Safe and Stable Even at Heights
Robust Performance on All Surfaces

Industry Applications

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