telescopic boom lift

Telescopic booms are also known as cherry pickers and are considered to be the hybrid of a forklift and a small crane. They have a boom extension attached to them that extend up and out. These lifts are often known as “stick” booms because of their straight stick-like appearance. 

A telescopic boom lift is mainly used for applications that require maximum horizontal reach. They are ideal for working areas that have confined spaces and limited access. As compared to other aerial work platforms, telescopic boom lift offers the greatest amount of horizontal reach. 

What are the Different Features of Telescopic Boom Lifts?

  • Telescopic boom lift comes loaded with features such as 360-degree turntable rotation, terrain tracking axles, and platform rotators. 
  • A turntable that rotates a complete 360 degrees which allows precise positioning of the machine. 
  • Hey also come equipped with a four-wheel drive and oscillating axles making them ideal for rough terrains and tractions. 

Advantages of Telescopic Boom Lifts

  • Telescopic boom lifts offer a minimal amount of tail swing, enabling it to operate in tight confined spaces.  
  • Telescopic booms can also be used indoors. They offer working heights of up to 43m. Lift capacities vary as per model and manufacturer, but they range from 250 to 340 Kg
  • Telescopic boom lifts offer excellent safety and stability at elevated heights. However, the operator is suggested to be mindful of all the safety measures when operating a telescopic boom lift
  • They are compact and easy to transport from site to site. 

Applications of Telescopic Boom Lifts 

  • They are used for industries which require operators and equipment to be lifted on to roofs and similar higher positions. 
  • As they help increase speed and efficiency of the jobsite, they find their applications in industries such as aviation, ship building and repairing, airport building maintenance, harbors, urban infrastructure and utilities, industrial, petrochemical industry, and construction and many more.