At some point when you are trying to choose which type of aerial work platform to use at the new jobsite, knowing the differences between two unique kinds of equipment can play an important role in how the job gets finished. For instance, there is a huge difference between each and every type of boom lift, depending upon the requirements of the new project. While many industries use the scissor or telescopic boom lift, the articulating boom lift can equally be useful for some of the applications.

Top 3 Advantages of an Articulating Boom Lift

1. Accessing Difficult-to-reach Areas 

If your project is stalled because of a difficult to access spot or narrow spaces, then an articulating boom lift is your ideal solution. Articulating boom lifts can manoeuver easily in every direction making every part of your site accessible. The enhanced mobility improves the overall efficiency of the facility and makes a cakewalk of tougher jobs. 

2. Easily Adjustable 

Articulating boom lifts are one of a kind because of their ability to reach over and above obstacles. The boom sections on the extension arm allows it to extend and compress as and when required, and makes them easily portable to any jobsite or work location. An articulating boom lift can easily adapt to any heights and applications and deliver desired results with safety, stability, and efficiency. 

3. Applications 

Articulating boom lifts can extend to working heights of up to 26m, which makes them an ideal lift for accessing hard-to-reach confined spaces. 

Hence, they are widely preferred for applications such as

  • Electrical line repairs
  • Cable and piping repairs
  • Cleaning and maintenance of building exteriors

Being compact and lightweight as compared to other access platforms, they can also be mounted on four ‘legs’ to extend their reach for indoor applications such as at airports and malls etc. 

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