The types of aerial work platforms used in construction are aerial lifts, articulating boom lifts, and telescopic boom lifts. AWP is made for reaching levels of heights that other types of machines cannot. Telescopic aerial lifts are designed for their maximum reach capabilities, and articulating boom lifts are helpful assets on construction and building maintenance sites that have structures in hard to reach areas. Articulating boom lifts have jointed boom arms that can reach up and around structures to access things like heat and cooling units, ductwork, piping, and more.

From installing and repairing ductwork, accessing high up wiring, or installing structural features at height, articulating and telescopic boom lifts are the machines for the job. These types of aerial lifts can work on even and uneven ground, making them suitable for rough natural terrain and semi-finished building sites.

Safety Inspection / Airport


Think of a large airplane or aerobridge. How do people get up there to make regular safety inspections?

Aerial lifts are the best way to transport engineers, inspectors and other safety workers to where they need to be.

Even big brands use aerial lifts when making regular inspections at warehouses, production centres and other places across the country.

During accident investigations aerial lift platforms, scissor lifts, and other equipment are used to re-enact incidents that caused an on-the-job mishap.

Whether it’s a bridge, airplane, or other safety inspection measure, aerial work platforms are commonly used across the globe.

Building Maintenance

From boom lifts to smaller scissor lifts, AWP’s help keep your “windows to the world” squeaky clean! Aerial lifts, articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts are made for reaching inaccessible heights. Designed with a basket/bucket on the end of the boom arm, these type of boom lifts can hold workers and the necessary tools needed to install, repair and clean windows.

Telescopic boom lifts are often used for window work because they have equipped with the reach power to access the highest windows on a building. They can lift and situated the window washer directly in front of the work area.

Scissor lifts can also be used to wash and repair low to medium height windows.


Scissor lifts are often used for this application, from accessing scoreboards and arena structures to providing an eagle-eye view of the stadium.









Aerial lifts are often used in the set-up of special events behind the scenes. Workers use aerial lifts to install the lighting for concerts, hang speakers and banners, and more. Aerial lifts certainly make a statement, no matter where they are. Performing artists have often relied on using one in their show to impress their fans and make headlines.





Electrical Line Repair

Telescopic boom lifts are the most used aerial work platform for electrical work. This machine is designed with the longest reaching arm that can extend vertical and horizontal. The operator working the controls positions the boom lift directly underneath the work area, while another worker stands up in the bucket or basket and accesses the electrical line. Electricians use aerial lifts to access telephone wires, transformers and other equipment that’s high above the ground. For indoor construction projects and common wiring jobs, scissor lifts are preferred, since a limited extension is required.