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Telescopic Boom Lift

Ensuring superior quality, our self-propelled Telescopic Boom Lifts are designed with a rugged and reliable design for excellent performance and outstanding action. These aerial work platforms from ElectroMech Infrastructure Equipment Pvt. Ltd. are operator-safe and structured to conquer any difficult conditions and requirements with maximum flexibility.

Equipped with impeccable agility, they come with self-travel capability during aerial operation. Our Telescopic Boom Lifts function at a maximum working height of up to 44m. Its power-packed engines and load capacity provide high operating efficiency. Every unit can accommodate up to 2 operators along with the tool kit. With the ability to park and start on a slope without any risk of slippage, Telescopic Boom Lifts offers 40% gradeability.

Telescopic Boom Lifts are prominently used in numerous industries such as large-scale steel manufacturing, shipbuilding and repairing, construction, building maintenance airports, harbours, urban infrastructure and utilities, curtain wall engineering, petrochemical industry, and several more.

Working Height

22.6m to 43.6m


30%, 40%, 42%, 45%

Load Bearing

250kg to 340kg

Product Features

Smart Serviceability
Highly Efficient & Productive
Easy Maneuverability
Safe and Stable Even at Heights
Robust Performance on All Surfaces

Industry Applications

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